Debbie Sedlacek*

Personal Statement

*Dressage rider since 1986
*1989 built my barn and arena
*Studied with Felice Rose, Bodo Hangen ,Willi Schultheis, Charles Dekumpfy,
 Wolfgang May, the past seven years with Brad Cutshall
*instructed students of dressage from beginner to FEI
*instructed 6 students to the FEI level
*Competed to Grand Prix
*coached all students at competitions
*transported students to competitions
*Day Camps were provided for children and adult groups
*Provided special needs program for Villa Marie Catholic Special Needs school for
 17 years.
*2007 built my second barn and arena
*Managed both of my barns including feeding, cleaning stalls, teaching, training,
 and riding my performance horse, providing a schedule for veterinarian and farrier care to assure good health for the dressage horse.
*Member of Nebraska Dressage Association throughout my career in dressage
 And served as president and on the board at different times.
*Member of USDF and USEF
*Member of IDCTA
*Responsible for organizing clinics and shows over my career.


University of Nebraska graduate


Passionate about the sport of dressage.  I enjoy teaching all ages of riders but find young riders to be interesting and energetic.  Everyday working with horses and people who want to learn to be accomplished riders is a blessing to me.





Christy Rettger* of Rettger Dressage

My name is Christy, and I'm a dressage trainer with over 20 years of experience riding, training and caring for horses. One of the most important things I've learned is that while lessons are an important part, alone they are not enough. Riders who are serious about learning have to take another step and become well-educated horsemen by studying the work of others, both current and past.

My philosophy is "if the horse says no, ask why." It's simple, but most people assume the horse is misbehaving or misunderstanding (in which they shout louder rather than rephrasing the question). This philosophy has guided my journey in dressage, and led me to study in depth the many pieces necessary to help horse be successful, happy and healthy. I believe dressage should be for any horse and any rider, so I want to inspire you to train your horse to levels you never thought possible, and I want to share with you the secrets of biomechanics and classical dressage to make it happen.
Available for lessons, clinics or video critiques!
Please visit my website:

Dressage Fundamentals with Christy Rettger








 Other trainers are available for Hunter/Jumper, Eventing or Western Pleasure. Will allow outside trainers with proof of insurance.

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